Free to Play Anniversary

It’s been exactly one year since Sixmorevodka made all Degenesis PDFs available for free on a massive, completely overhauled website. An awful lot has happened in those twelve months, as the graphic below illustrates.

Character Creation: Part 1

If you’re coming to Degenesis from D&D in particular, there are a few aspects of the game that seem like what you’re used to, but are actually quite different. This five-minute primer from the ever-popular Gunsmile is excellent. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in playing Degenesis, and even to those who have been playing it for a while.

Tips for Running the Jehammed Trilogy

This is another on of those GM-only posts. Sorry, players. Here, check out this very cool video: the Making of Sacrifice Everything. Now back to you, GMs. If you’re thinking of running one or more of the Jehammed Trilogy adventures (In Thy Blood, The Killing Game, Black Atlantic), here are some tips. Note that these are based on my experiences running ITB and TKG – we haven’t made it to Black Atlantic yet.