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The heart of the Protectorate is full of danger.

This is the third in a series of posts that provide ideas – bare-bones outlines – for Degenesis campaigns. They’re meant to serve as inspiration so you can use one of them as-is, grab bits from each and add them to your own ideas, or riff off them and come up with something completely new.

Before we get started, don’t forget that Chapter 11 in Katharsys is filled with useful campaign-planning info. Also, Group Alignments are found in Artifacts, and I’ve settled on a group size of four mostly because for me as a GM the sweet spot is three to four players.


Once Upon a Time in Ferropol

Broiled has hit Justitian’s Bottomlands hard. Elias Ramon, the renegade Spitalian who works selflessly to serve the people, sees the effects firsthand. He is sending a small team to investigate Ferropol to see if the rumors are true. Is that cursed place the source of Broiled? Though he doesn’t have any funds, plenty of people owe him favors.

If he can learn where Broiled originates he won’t be able to do anything about it directly, but he still has connections in his cult who might be able to take proper action. He just doesn’t trust his cult to perform an investigation without screwing it up and killing people unnecessarily.

These investigators share the alignment of Destiny. None of them would be together were it not for the higher calling of Elias Ramon.

  • Apocalyptic – Ramon saved you from a bullet wound when your own flock, the mighty Carrion Birds, left you for dead. Now you can demonstrate your value to them by uncovering the mystery of Broiled. Then again, that knowledge might reveal another, more lucrative path.
  • Scrapper – Burn took your brother. It took your best friend. It would have taken you, but for Ramon’s intervention. You’d brave any danger, take any risk just to pay him back in some small way.
  • Hellvetic – Your squad was good. Too good, probably. Time and again you were sent on the most dangerous missions. It’s no wonder your closest comrade turned to the bottle and couldn’t stop. Ramon saved him. Your friend can’t help Ramon, so you will go in his stead.
  • Anabaptist – There is nothing in this forsaken city worth saving, with one exception. You have seen his charity, you have seen how he defies his own cult to serve the people. Though you don’t have that kind of courage, you can at least help the man.

Four Kings

The Stukov Desert holds many secrets. Secrets every cult would like to get hold of if they could. But few are this juicy, this valuable: the exact location of a Bygone gold repository. Who cares what happened five hundred years ago, or why it happened? Wealth trumps knowledge any day.

These treasure hunters are all willing to risk it all to achieve greatness. Their lives have become intertwined through the alignment of Destiny.

  • Scrapper – The map is legit, the real deal: sharp details, eight-digit grid coordinates. You found it in a sealed container along with other, less valuable maps. All of them proved accurate. This will be the haul that sets you up for life. But you can’t rely on other Scrappers – they’ll double-cross you.
  • Chronicler – Veracity of map confirmed. Likelihood of previous discovery by indigenous scavengers low. Overall risk significant. Rewards in standing and increased power within cult high if mission successful. Risk/reward ratio acceptable.
  • Apocalyptic – Everyone talks about the Stukov Desert like it’s this impossibly dangerous place. Hah! Like a bunch of backward nomads are going to stop you. And when you return with gold dripping out your ears, you’ll be able to do whatever you want with your life.
  • Paler – The Chronicler asked your Aurora for one with knowledge of Bygone structures and willingness to endure horrible desert conditions. She picked you. It’s a sign. The others have sneered at your fascination with the Above. They will know their place when you bring back gold and bathe in the Aurora’s esteem.

Barbarians at the Gate

The hilltop town lies far from the front lines, and the Cockroaches have never managed to pull off a raid this far into the region. Until now. In the dead of night the air is filled with screams, terrified shouts, and indescribable, obscene noises. The guard force has been slaughtered. All is chaos. A random quartet of survivors assembles, with one goal: survive.

These survivors, thrown together by random circumstance, are bound by the alignment of Chance.

  • Anabaptist – Nobody would mistake you for a warrior. You are good at making deals and arranging trade. That’s why you’re here in the first place. If you’re going to make it out alive you’ll need allies, and fast.
  • Judge – You never wanted front-line duty, which is why you were so happy to be posted to this out of the way town. Nobody would suspect it, but you have an irrational fear of the Cockroaches.
  • Spitalian – Two weeks of leave. All you wanted was to get out of the city, relax, and enjoy a hot bath to yourself each night. Now the first damned night you’re here, all hell breaks loose.
  • Chronicler – Tactical situation is unfavorable. Attack indicates new Cockroach offensive capabilities. Must observe in detail and report back. Will need to utilize non-cult resources to ensure personal survival.

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