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There is more here than meets the eye.

The Scars section of Artifacts (p.24-41) provides tools for building cohesive player character groups. It also describes how player characters of the same Cult can come together as a group. Taking Scars as a start point, this and other Cult Campaign Seeds posts explore ideas for campaigns built around a single Cult.

The aim is to provide gamemasters with ideas that can be expanded, grafted into other campaign seeds, or otherwise altered as needed. With that in mind, here are some ideas for Jehammedan groups.

Heaven Sent

So speaks Iconess Judit:

The village of Acreum is just over the next hill, servants of Jehammed. As you can see from the smoke, the Dog Clan has already struck. The auguries told me it would be so. But I also know there is a Bygone structure in Acreum, and beneath that structure is a small room of thick concrete. It can be sealed off, so that mothers and children might survive an attack such as the one that was visited upon them.

The Dog Clan strikes hard, but does not stay for long. They burn villages, steal what can be gathered quickly, then melt again into the hills. This is their way. So there is hope that we might find survivors waiting in that survival room, praying for someone to come and tell them it is safe to come out.

We will do our duty and bring them to safety. The main body will pursue and overtake the attackers before they reach the hills. As I told you before we started, our task is to escort the surviving children and wives back to Osman. They may not all be Jehammedans, but recall the teachings: “The hand that holds the sword of belief is strong, but the hand of salvation is stronger still.”

Dinah, Pride of Jehammed, I brought you here because the wives will all listen to you. You are calm under pressure and commanding when you need to be. And you will fight like a wolf to protect those under your care.

Aaron, Jehammed’s Blessing, I asked you to come because of your ability to outsmart opponents. The Dog Clan is known for their wiles, and they show no mercy even to women and children. We need your cunning.

Jorda, Sword of Jehammed, you make us all proud. This task is for you a reward, an opportunity to prove your worth yet again, and to demonstrate to all the tribe that by following the way of Jehammed and respecting the traditions, an Ismaeli might surpass the limitations of his birth.

While it only took us two days to reach this spot, know that it will take three at least for you to return. You will be slowed by the children. Be patient. Defend each as if they were your own. As Jehammed reminds us, “There is no tribe without the first, nor is there a tribe without the last.”

There is one more thing I must tell you before you depart. You have seen ample evidence of my divine inspiration. You have reminded others in the tribe that Jehammed condones the propriety of an Iconess. You are loyal and true. That loyalty will be rewarded, even more so if you succeed in this task.

Characters with the Concepts of Mentor, Protector, Martyr, and Healer have Affinity with this group, while Aversion greets those with Abomination and Ruler Concepts.

One Way or Another

So speaks Jemima Delilah:

Sisters, look at me.

Yes, we have been cast out. Yes, we are out in the snow in dead of winter. But we have survived so far. We have hunted game and made a campfire. The wilds of Balkhan are never easy to endure, but we are fierce.

When Micah impugned us with his vile lies, it was because he’d become crazed in his many wanderings. We know this. Everyone in the tribe knows this. We have been nothing but faithful to our husbands, to our families, to our tribe.

But when Micah accused us of selling sacred Icons to outsiders and stealing coin, Jacob Abrami sided with him. Of course he did – Micah has Jehammed’s Blessing! But we alone know something of what compelled Micah’s strange behavior. Zibiah, you said it yourself – he seeks entry into long-hidden Bygone Argee vaults. He must have done what he accused us of doing, perhaps in trade for information about those vaults.

We know he’s headed east, and we know he thinks less than nothing of us. With just a few words he turned us into outlaws, Delilahs. It was easy. We are no threat to him.

So he will not be paying attention. He won’t suspect we’re on his tail. Maybe he’ll find an Argee vault. If he does, we’ll be there to capture him and claim the vault for our tribe. And if it’s obvious he’s not going to find a vault, we can capture him anyway and return him to the tribe, where we can make him confess his lies.

Sisters, we will get our revenge. We will get our good names back. We will cleans the tribe of Micah’s insanity. We fled as Delilahs, but when we will return, we will be elevated as Voices of Jehammed!

Characters with the Concepts of Defiler, Abomination, Heretic, and Destroyer have Affinity with this group, while Aversion greets those with Healer and Mediator Concepts.

Destination Unknown

So speaks Hiram Abrami:

The Dumisai Zubari has returned to the lowlands. When his Pack was vanquished in the Ambush at Río Fatigado, we celebrated his death. But now, two years later, he has remade the Zubari Pack and is establishing a new fortification just outside Devuelito.

Our Guerrero brothers are afraid. They do not say it, but it can be seen in their faces. They do not know what we know – that nothing escapes Jehammed, and that his way is the only way. So they allow fear to guide them.

But in spite of their faults, we have made common cause with these hardy people. We have fought at their side. Protected them. Bled with them. Because of these sacrifices they have let us into their innermost councils and brought us into their most guarded plans.

Each of you is a fine representative of your rank – a Blessing of Jehammed, a Sword of Jehammed, and an Immaculate. Destiny has brought you together to accompany a trio of Guerreros on a mission to thwart Zubari. With them you will search for The Woman of the Glade.

The Guerreros say the Woman of the Glade is more than a children’s bedtime story. They insist she is real. They say that she can see past and future. They say she can give others this ability, that with it they might learn how to defeat the Scourgers. They also say the Woman of the Glade takes payment in souls, whatever that means. But your souls are protected. You are of Jehammed – no matter what earthly struggles you may endure, righteousness will be your shield.

You will ensure this mission’s success. You will return with the knowledge that will take Zubari down. And when that victory comes, our influence with the Guerreros will only grow. Your destiny is our tribe’s destiny. There are two options – death or victory.

Characters with the Concepts of Seeker, Chosen, Zealot, and Martyr have Affinity with this group, while Aversion greets those with Traveler and Adventurer Concepts.