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Official Sixmorevodka

  • — All of the Degenesis books are available here for free, along with a character generator, interactive map, short stories, and tons of additional material.
  • Degenesis Discord — The Sixmorevodka folks and the most knowledgeable fans are here to help newcomers, and share ideas. With over 2,400 members this is the core of the Degenesis community.
  • Sixmorevodka on YouTube — The SMV crew has created multiple teaser videos, actual plays, and other essential viewing (and listening) material.




  • /r/Degenesis — Got questions? The Degenesis fans on Reddit have answers.


  • The Cluster Speaks — Angelica and Erwan discuss all things Degenesis in this informative and engaging podcast.
  • Gunsmile’s Degenesis Videos — One of the most prolific members of the Degenesis community produces informative videos on a range of Degenesis topics.
  • Mobilus FM – Ein Podcast über Rollenspiele & Degenesis für Neueinsteiger und Erfahrene.


  • Degenesis Cluster — Look here for fan-produced GM aids, including a clan generator and some amazing maps.
  • Degenesis on Foundry – Degenesis fans have put a lot of effort into making the Foundry VTT work like a charm for Degenesis online play. Greedyjack’s video demonstrates the basics.



  • Spell & Sword – This channel provides in-depth video reviews of In Thy Blood, Artifacts, The Killing Game, and Justitian.
  • Unpossible Journeys – Here you’ll find my reviews of Rebirth, Artifacts, In Thy Blood, and Justitian.