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Official Sixmorevodka

  • — All of the Degenesis books are available here for free, along with a character generator, interactive map, short stories, and tons of additional material.
  • Degenesis Discord — The Sixmorevodka folks and the most knowledgeable fans are here to help newcomers, and share ideas. With over 2,400 members this is the core of the Degenesis community.
  • Sixmorevodka on YouTube — The SMV crew has created multiple teaser videos, actual plays, and other essential viewing (and listening) material.


Actual Plays



  • Relay Station West – For Degenesis fans in the Americas – find players in your time zone, coordinate group purchases with other fans local to you in order to address the high shipping costs of Degenesis products, or just hang out and talk about Degenesis.
  • /r/Degenesis — Got questions? The Degenesis fans on Reddit have answers.


  • The Degenesis Setting Explained: Primal Punk — In this fast-paced and well-structured video, Dave Thaumavore runs through the setting, with an emphasis on Cultures and Cults, for newcomers.
  • Gunsmile’s Degenesis Videos — One of the most prolific members of the Degenesis community produces informative videos on a range of Degenesis topics.
  • Mobilus FM – Ein Podcast über Rollenspiele & Degenesis für Neueinsteiger und Erfahrene.


  • Degenesis Cluster — Look here for fan-produced GM aids, including a clan generator and some amazing maps.
  • Degenesis on Foundry – Degenesis fans have put a lot of effort into making the Foundry VTT work like a charm for Degenesis online play. Greedyjack’s video demonstrates the basics.



  • OnTableTop – The OTT folks are astounded that a game this good is free to play.
  • Spell & Sword – This channel provides in-depth video reviews of In Thy Blood, Artifacts, The Killing Game, and Justitian.
  • Unpossible Journeys – Here you’ll find my reviews of Rebirth, Artifacts, In Thy Blood, and Justitian.