Erik Schmidt
Erik Schmidt



The results are in.

This announcement appeared on the Degenesis Discord today, and the new Clan Wars Discord is already abuzz with excitement:

An Urgent Call for Aid

In the early hours of this morning, a scrambled message was broadcast from one of the old transmitters situated along the borders of the Protectorate, to the north of Siege. A patrol was recently lost in the region, and from the content of the message we believe that one of our watchtowers has been overrun. We believe this was no call for aid, no request for reinforcements – but a warning.

Reports from the frontline tell us that the savage Clans swarming around our southern borders have banded together, pooling their strength to attempt to shatter our glorious Protectorate once and for all. This message may be the key to uncover where they will attempt to strike, and where we must place our reinforcements along our vast borderlands to stop them in their tracks. However, time is not on our side.

This is a call to all citizens, guests, and residents of Justitian – and the Protectorate as a whole. If you have codebreaking, medical, or combat experience, you must enlist for deployment to the southern border, immediately, regardless of your Cult alignments. The future of the Protectorate itself hangs in the balance. All who respond will be rewarded with rank, recognition… and survival. Per Aspera, Ad Astra.

Nobody yet knows what Clan Wars will be, but it takes place in the world of Degenesis even if it’s not a TTRPG product.