Erik Schmidt
Erik Schmidt



Cartagena takes Degenesis fan material to a new level.

Steffen Brand is most known in the Degenesis community for his astounding maps. But Cartagena, his newest work, is not just a map – it’s a 26-page unofficial fan supplement that includes the Cielos Clan, five fully-statted NPCs, a nifty new Potential, two pages of plot hooks, and descriptions of the forces at work in the city. With art from Katharina Niko and proofreading from Angelica Shilling, this is a true collaborative effort.

If you’ve been thinking of running a campaign in Hybrispania, you should definitely check this out. And let’s be honest, even if you’re not going to run a Hybrispania campaign, as a GM you need to check it out. Go to the Degenesis Cluster to get the latest version (and all sort of other fan-produced goodies).