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Moar art!

The Degenesis fanbase is alive and well! Two recent developments in particular deserve special attention.

Echoes of Eschaton

At time of writing, this podcast is fifteen episodes deep. Created by Coop the GM (data_jack in the Degenesis Discord), this a solo play drama. Each episode is written as a separate story and at critical moments d6 dice rolls determine where the narrative goes next.

Thus far the podcast has introduced Chronicler, Scrapper, Judge, Anabaptist, and Spitalian cults. The audio quality is very good, the stories are compelling, and several friends of the podcast contribute voice talent (myself included, though I hesitate to use the term “talent” in this context). If you want a smooth intro to the Degenesis world, it’s tough to beat Echoes of Eschaton.

Shadows of Eschaton can be found on:

Lore Drops from Pain & Paper

The Pain & Paper channel on YouTube has been kicking out some fantastic deep lore drops. They’re structured in a way that starts basic then goes deeper into each topic, so you can grab a cursory understanding or go all the way down the rabbit hole.

So far the videos have explored:

  • The Needle Tower Disaster
  • The Recombination Group
  • The Marauders
  • Triglaw
  • Aspera
  • Chernobog

They also post German language actual plays. Check out the Pain & Paper channel and level up your Degenesis lore knowledge!